"Nina is a consummate professional..."

Few business advisors have the ability to make risk management for business engaging and compelling. Nina manages to make even the most dry topic interesting. She is the trusted advisor to hundreds of small businesses across industries and knows the challenges of partnerships from the inside. She presents the landmines and solutions with a hilarious wit that is a welcome departure from her boring peers. Nina is also an internet veteran. Her first-hand experience in building an on-line presence is invaluable to those of us still groping in the dark. Any opportunity you have to hear Nina Kaufman speak, drop what you’re doing. Her knowledge and integrity are second to none.
  • Dawn Fotopulos
  • Founder
  • Hidden Profit Academy
Eli Davidson

"Nina Kaufman is one of the top business attorneys in the country..."

Nina Kaufman just delivered amazing value-packed information that blew my socks off!!! I am certainly thinking differently and implementing concepts that will make our business both more valuable and productive … and save YEARS of going down the wrong road.
  • Eli Davidson
  • Business Reinvention Specialist
  • Davidson Partnership Group

"Nina Kaufman is my business muse..."

Her advice around transitioning from a solo service provider to a sustainable business is always actionable, insightful, empathetic, and on-point. She doesn’t pull any punches, but cuts straight to the heart of an issue with surgeon-like precision and thoughtfully guides you to a workable and practical solution. I love having Nina in my corner, and you will too.
  • Kelley Keller, Esq.
  • Founder
  • The Keller Law Firm
Lisa Shufro

"She taught me how to advocate for myself, without having to talk 'like a lawyer...'"

Nina has been the secret to helping my business thrive, not just survive. She always helps me negotiate contracts that are both airtight and financially savvy. She taught me how to advocate for myself with clients, without having to talk “like a lawyer.” Nina is far more than the protector of my business - she has partnered with me every step of the way to lay the foundations for sustained growth and success.
  • Lisa Shufro
  • Chief Storyteller
  • WhatMatters.com
Marian Rich

"Nina was a godsend for me and my business..."

I was challenged with a desire to move my business in a new direction and all the fear that comes with going into the unknown. Nina gave me the support and encouragement to “go for it!” Working with Nina I have been able to productize my business offerings, develop a marketing strategy and cultivate new business leads. Thanks to our work together, I have upgraded my financial management tools and am embarking on a redesign of my website and online presence. Nina taught how to be smarter with contracting and negotiating. I’ve developed more confidence as a business owner and have already seen an increase in revenue from our work. Last but not least, Nina has a wonderful sense of humor so all of this was fun and engaging!
  • Marian Rich
  • Executive Coach & Comic Educator

"I know an expert when I see one - and Nina is a genius..."

Nina is a passionate, incredibly expert, and exceedingly dynamic attorney and leader in the field of small business law. Not only does she advise clients directly, but she is amazingly generous with her knowledge through her brilliant books, lectures, CDs, and other products. She is dedicated to making businesses grow, legally sound, and avoiding pitfalls many businesses seem to make routinely! As an attorney myself, I know an expert when I see one - and Nina is a genius. Avoid making costly business mistakes and speak to Nina whenever making big (or small) business decisions that may impinge upon legal issues. It's the best investment you can make.
  • Marianne Merritt Talbot, Esq.
  • Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
  • Bailey & Glasser, LLP

"Nina's the guide you want by your side..."

Nina gave me a new perspective on how to free myself from day-to-day tasks that get in the way of making money and being of service in the ways I love most. She understands that "freedom" means different things to different business owners. Whether it's selling your business or just unplugged time off, Nina's the guide you want by your side.
  • Mike Veny
  • Founder
  • Mike Veny, Inc.
  • Keynote Speaker and Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

"I built four companies, but it takes someone like Nina who can fine tune it, and help you jump to the next level..."

Small business ownership is very, very lonely. You just don't know who to turn to. Who NOT to turn to. So you read all these books, you get all this advice, but you don't really know which way to go, until you have someone to hold your hand (or just slap you upside the head) and point you in the right direction. When I think of Nina Kaufman, that's what I think about -- a business strategist, business consultant, and a business lawyer, who can take your business to another level. I'm a smart guy. I built some pretty amazing businesses. In fact, I built four companies. But it takes someone like Nina who can fine tune it, and help you jump to the next level. I'm Ramon Ray -- and Nina Kaufman's good people. I've worked with her many, many times. And I unequivocally recommend her to help you grow your business.
  • Ramon Ray
  • Founder
  • SmartHustle.com
  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Oracle NetSuite

"Nina combines high EQ with the technical acumen we all want from our business attorney..."

Nina combines high emotional intelligence and empathy with the technical acumen we want from our business attorney. When I'm working with Nina, I have a safe place to discuss painful business issues and fears while having a guide to geek out on the legal details, so you and your business come out stronger on the other side. She's going to stay right there with you.
  • Steve Pruneau
  • Flexible Workforce Solution Architect
  • Free Agent Source, Inc.