Other People’s Brainpower. Whether internal business partners or external strategic allies, OPB is a powerful way to accelerate the growth of any knowledge-based service business. It’s where skills and assets dovetail to boost credibility, attract more clients, and scale revenue streams.

But when business professionals are too eager to team up, they overlook the red flags that can destroy the partner relationship – and their business overall. Partner disagreements over expectations, money, and exiting can stifle growth, waste valuable assets, and demoralize just about everyone involved.

A Path to Progress

Wanting to attract more Fortune 500 clients, a graphic designer rushed to partner with a large marketing firm. They had no formal agreement. When the marketing firm ran out on the project and pocketed the fees, the designer had to complete the work at great financial loss.
She came to us several years later —older and wiser — with a new opportunity. We guided her through key issues such as roles and responsibilities, how money will change hands, ownership of work product, and ways to exit the relationship – so she could make smart strategic decisions. And then codified those decisions in a joint venture agreement. Today, the venture is thriving financially and creatively.

What We Do

With more than 25 years of experience in small business law – and personal past experience – we know first-hand what happens when partner expectations aren’t clear or enforced. We work closely with our clients so they can fully leverage their business relationships and create mutually beneficial partnerships. We provide carefully-drafted ownership and alliance agreements to prevent internal disputes from escalating into court battles. And, we offer ongoing counsel to ensure everyone can stay on the same page as the business grows.