From our beginnings in 1996, we actively sought out creative thinkers and seasoned owners of knowledge-based service firms as our clients.


Consulting, creative and professional services companies are optimistic, creative (no surprise) yet type-A, and team-oriented. They’re on a constant quest for improvement–whether it’s productivity, revenue, or self-growth as leaders. They understand what it means to roll up your sleeves and get in the muck. They love what they do and want to delegate what they don’t to a trusted team of advisors and staff. They enjoy a good laugh. They put in the long hours, months, and years to realize a vision and make a difference in the world. They’re my kind of people.
~ Nina Kaufman

When you can spend your day tackling issues you enjoy for people you enjoy – well, that’s a big part of having a great business and a great life.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and areas of expertise including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Branding
  • Change Management
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Training
  • Creative Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Graphic Design Legal Services
  • Human Capital/HR Advisory
  • IT Services
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Professional Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Visual Identity Branding
  • Web Design

We find we work best with seasoned business professionals who are beyond the start-up phase – usually generating 6-7 figures in annual revenue. Who have been in the trenches and owned their business for at least 7-10 years – long enough to have hit the speedbumps, but eager to stay on the game and reach for more. A leader with a CEO mindset who wants a successful business and an enjoyable life, and is ready to make the commitment to creating both.