Using your business to create a legacy is about more than building a client base. It’s about building a life worth living. So if you want to own a business that doesn’t own you, you’ll want to expand your brain trust. There’s so much to gain from insightful strategic perspective, expert guidance, and advice from those who have seen what’s worked … and what hasn’t.

But many owners of knowledge-based service businesses don’t have a bigger plan for how they’ll exit it. (And they place a low price tag on prevention). They don’t have the team, the systems, or the desire to turn their business into an economic engine – separate and apart from sitting at their desk doing the work.

A Path to Progress

A son took over his father’s professional services business when the father died. Despite the son’s improvements, after 10 years, the business had plateaued and was running his life. He missed out on his daughter’s softball tournaments; his wife threatened divorce because he was always on the iPhone; and he was plagued by health challenges and stress – particularly because his mother demanded the same handouts “as usual” before the transition. Frustrated to breaking point, the son was ready to close up shop. If he had, all his work, time, and sacrifice would have meant nothing.

We helped him curate a strategic advisor team – a brain trust that collaborated on an exit strategy and the steps needed to get there. We also negotiated a new arrangement with his mother so he could stop running his business the “old world” way and bring a detached CEO mindset to the situation. Freed up to pursue new growth strategies, the company is poised to double its revenues.

What We Do

With more than 25 years of experience in small business law, we know what it takes to build a scalable—and secure—business. When you become a client, we do a deep dive into your business to handle matters proactively and take the guesswork out of “what’s next?” It means you have the opportunity for regular check-ins and strategy calls. Our value is as a strategic advisor, a guide along your road to success.

Having access to this kind of advice and counsel leads your business to happier customers, fewer legal problems, more profit, and greater leverage. What’s more, you’ll get confidence. Calm. Assurance. Peace of mind. You won’t see those on your monthly spreadsheets, but we think they’re more valuable than the numbers.